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Oct 14, 2022 · First, open Settings on your phone. Head towards “Apps” or “Applications” or “Apps & Notification” based on the make and model. View the list of all the apps installed on your phone. Tap on an app listed and you will get the “Storage” or “Storage & Cache” option sp click on it. Now, press both “Clear Cache” and “Clear Storage”..

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Ideally you want to watch 9anime on a desktop browser. I am guessing it's because the site is pretty heavy. It takes second or three while a page fully loads on my phone as well. it uses multiple iframes to load data from multiple other websites. you have one iframe for the video, one for the disqus, and one for EACH ad, and every iframe loads.

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Highest rating: 4 Low rated: 3 Summary: When a smartphone is handling too many processes or the RAM is full, the phone’s performance can suffer, causing it to lag, run slowly, or appear to freeze. See Details 2.Why Does My Phone Keep Freezing? – Lifewire Author: Post date: 17 yesterday Rating: 1 (258 reviews) Highest rating: 4.



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